All about Herbs


Alfalfa is considered a health food, as it is loaded with calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Add it to a sandwich or salad for a vitamin rich meal.


Aloe is an easy houseplant to maintain. It is often mixed with other ingredients to make cosmetics and skin care products. Use it on burns – just break off one leaf and rub the burn with the cool liquid from the plant to soothe skin and promote healing.


Anise is used in cooking, as well as in liqueurs. Use anise leaves in salads. Use anise leaves to make a tea. Use anise seeds as a digestive aid, and a natural breath freshener.


Basil is a popular common herb used for cooking, often used in pasta sauces and pizzas. It is extremely easy to grow inside or outside.


Caraway is a wild plant and grows well in moist soil. Use its leaves in cooking, and in salads. Chew a few seeds to ease flatulence.


Chamomile is used as a medicinal herb. It is used in many cosmetics and skin care products. Use chamomile as a tea – its natural sedative properties help relax and encourage sleep.


Chervil is used in cooking, and as a medicinal herb. Use the flowers in a salad and as a garnish. Use in a tea to treat indigestion.


Use cloves in curries, sauces and stews. Use in tea as a digestive aid.


Use whole seeds in baking. Chewing seeds aids digestion.


Use it in curries and other Indian dishes. Chew seeds to aid digestion.


Use dandelion in a tea to relieve bloating. Use the leaves in a salad.


Fennel is used in Italian dishes. Add the leaves to salad as a garnish. Chew the seeds to freshen breath.


Ginger is a versatile medicinal herb, use it to aid digestion, and to ease menstrual cramps, headaches, and morning sickness.


Use Lemongrass in Thai dishes. Use it in teas for digestive problems. Add to soups.


Use mint in tea to ease an upset stomach, digestive problems, and motion sickness.


Use rosemary in Mediterranean dishes. Use it in tea to soothe sore throats, and aid digestion.


The following herbs are dangerous and toxic. Never use these internally – DO NOT EAT OR DRINK!

Deadly Nightshade
Fox Glove

When in doubt, always consult a medical professional before using any herb, plant, or berry.

HGH Energizer

Well here’s our review on the widely used and popular hormone growth pill, HGH Energizer. This is an impressive product. To quickly sum it up:

HGH Energizer promotes an anti ageing agent, muscle mass gain, energy increasing, wrinkle reducer, stronger bones, faster muscle and tissue recovery.

The human growth hormone is responsible for an outrageous amount of ageing problems, mainly because it can’t be produced nearly as well as when you were younger. Studies have shown that HGH levels in a male of 20 years old has 10 milligrams per deciliter of blood, and about 2 milligrams at age 60. So with these extreme drops in HGH we can notice why our skin, fingernails, bones, etc, start to diminish in our more senior years.

HGH ENERGIZER|Growth Hormone ingredients

HGH Energizer consists of the proteins L-Arginine, L-Glycine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Glutamine, L-Valine, L-Icoleucine and L-Ornithine, Vitamin B6 in addition to colostrum. This fantastic mash up of all the things you’ll be missing out on in the later years will help you out now as well.

If you’re into working out, HGH will repair torn muscle and tissue at extraordinary rates. If you’re looking for that anti wrinkle cream, HGH energizer has you covered as well. If you’re looking for an energy boosting supplement, guess what? HGH energizer has you covered. The Human Growth Hormone is to vital to great health. It may be one of the most underrated circumstances of bad ageing and reduced immune systems when your older.

I definitely put in my recommendation for this product. Also if you’re into working out, combining this with the new ExtremeNO product is apparently a miraculous combination. I will be doing a review on that product very soon as well, and will hopefully be able to track down some excellent testimonials and other user reviews to showcase the use of both of the products together. But for now if you’re interested in the HGH Energizer then click the link below to see their main page where you can grab a trial bottle!


idolwhite1White Teeth! We all love them. Lets see how to get them.

Dear readers! This is Amy, nice to see you again!
So your perusing the internet looking for ways to get whiter teeth? Well you’re not the only one. Thousands of people are doing the exact same thing looking for answer that they haven’t found at their dentist, pharmacy, or home remedies.
I was fortunate enough to find a great product after searching long and far across the internet for something of this caliber. Idol White is being used by a whole whack of A-list celebrities. The Kardashian girls are the face of this product right now, as you can tell by their perfect smiles!

Lets check out how and why it works, and down the page i’ll give you a free trial offer I found.

Some Back Story
my own personal use

So, I used to smoke, i’ll get that out of the way. So obviously that leads to stained/yellow teeth, which is…not overly attractive. That’s why I started searching for a product online, because I had tried the strips and all the other HUGE money products on the shelves. They did OK, but not for the price. I found the trial on this product and decided “why not” right? If I don’t get any results i’ll just move on. But after just a few days use I noticed a definite change, pleased with the results I kept going. This actually caused me to stop smoking, and no i’m not saying it will for any of you, but the confidence and whiteness I was achieving wasn’t going to be diminished by smoking for me anymore. I’m still using the product after a few months, it’s so simple to use, no mess, no doctor visits. I love it.

Below is where I got my free trial, I’m pretty sure they’re still available, don’t wait around ti’ll it’s gone!

African Mango

African Mango Review

African Mango review
Hey readers, Bryce here again with a new feature product, African Mango. We’ve once again gone out of our way to gather some great information for you to check out and make a good buying decision on weather or not this supplement may be for you. Theres a lot of hype around this great new product and for good reason, read on for some Q & A’s and more information.

African Mango Diet

African mango reviewAfrican Mango weight loss supplements have been around since a few years but only until recently a hype has arose that has been shown on shows such as Dr.Oz’s, as well as advertised by celebrities and nutritional experts.Studies have shown Amazing results in the field, such as a considerably slimmed waistline, and decreased fat on the hips, thighs, and buttocks. The subjects in the studies were able to lose almost 13 pounds on average in one month time.

One study was published in an 2005 issue of Lipids Health & Disease in which was reported that obese subjects taking the mango extract noticed a body fat decrease by 6.3%.

The discovery of these traits has led to an extremely rapidly expanding demand for African Mango extract. It has been featured on all the major networks such as CBS, ABC, Fox News and the BBC.
Here’s what you will get from that little bottle…img_mango2

-Appetite Suppressant –
Helps by increasing serotonin and catecholamine. Two chemicals in your brain that produce the feeling of fullness, suppressing the urge to eat.
-Lose Weight –
This is done by utilizing the above technique and increasing your metabolism.
-Increase Metabolism –
A slow metabolism doesn’t burn off excess fat storage in your body, which will just stick around until exercised off.
-Increase Fat Oxidation –
Fat oxidation is highest when doing high cardio workouts. This tricks the body into thinking it’s using more oxygen than what it actually is, burning fat build up even more.
-Fight Fatigue –
When your body is constantly burning fat, you’re energy levels increase, hence keeping you more awake, alert, and feeling euphoric.
-Increase Energy –
If you’ve ever had a good workout in the morning you’ll know that exercising increases your energy levels throughout the day by a lot. So when your bodies working it’s magic you’ll enjoy the added benefit of high energy levels.

African Mango : Q&A’s
African Mango diet

Help with weight loss

Question: How do I use African Mango?

Answer: Take one pill (rapid release) 30 minutes before each meal. Make sure you keep to a minimum of 2 pills a day for maximum results.

Question: Are there side effects?

Answer: No, Unlike other diet pills, Pure African Mango Extract (irvingia gabonensis) does not contain any natural or artificial stimulants. So it’s as safe as drinking tea or using oil of oregano for that cold.

Question: Who uses African Mango?

Answer: Men, Women, Whoever wants to naturally lose a few pounds without and drawbacks. Tons of A-list Celebrities use it to get that “ripped” body figure they need for that next Bikini scene.

Question: Do I have to exercise and diet in order to see results?

Answer: Research shows African Mango Extract helped people lose weight and belly fat without additional diet or exercise. However excercise is always a good way to feel healthy and look good!

African Mango Testimonials

So as I said above, We definitely went out of our way checking out African Mango.

You can check the link out to see the Wiki page on Irvingia here, which is the nutrient rich extract you get from the African Mango. Now heres some testimonials from around the web from people that have tried it out.

African mango

Jerry H. Florida, US.
I found out about African Mango 3 months ago. Since that time I’ve lost 32 pounds! As soon as I started taking African Mango I could notice the appetite suppressant aspects of it. I felt less hungry all the time and had more energy, I combined this with light exercise and literally within the first month I noticed a HUGE difference. The confidence and weight loss I’ve gotten from African Mango has been a life changer.

African mango Amanda L. Toronto, CA

African Mango has worked wonders for me, I tried several different dieting methods before I found this great supplement. Everything from cutting out the tasty yet o’so bad foods from my diet, which works for a bit but never stays off. I was weary about African Mango at first but with the money back guarantee I decided to try it out. I lost 20 pounds in my first month! another 15 the next month. I feel so great about my new body, I can’t stress enough how wonderful this product is.

African Mango dietGayle J. Cleveland, Ohio

What a change! never ever would I have thought it could be this easy. I’m so happy I found African Mango. My husband and I have both been taking it for only 2 months but I’ve personally lost 42 pounds! He’s lost 30! We feel so healthy, so much more energy, we’ve started going for hikes and eating very healthy. This new life style is invigorating and I highly recommend African Mango to anyone out there!

Want to try African Mango?

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